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Vidya Bhavan Public School

we cherish the individuality of each student, providing them with personalized attention from dedicated teachers and the necessary resources to thrive in a nurturing and secure environment. We take great pride in imparting values and ethics that will shape them into responsible and contributing members of society. Our holistic approach combines academics with a range of activities and cultural celebrations to deeply connect students with our diverse Indian heritage. Leveraging technology, we empower students to grow personally and refine their communication skills. As educators, our aim is to inspire and guide students in recognizing their unique abilities, supporting them as they pursue their aspirations and dreams.

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Personal and academic

Vidya Bhavan Public School, Gwalior was founded on April 7th 2002 from Play Group to Class V, with strength of approximately 325 students. Each year one class was added and in year 2009-2010, it became a full-fledged Senior Secondary School offering Humanities, Commerce and Science Streams with Biology & Maths. Today we have more than 1600 students. Excellent Board results are maintained since then, due to perseverance and continuous efforts of the trained teachers.
The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation no. :- 1030275

A Warm Welcome

For over two decades, Vidya Bhavan Public School in Gwalior has etched an indelible mark on the lives of its students, consistently preserving its essence since its inception in 2002. Despite the evolving world, the school's core values have remained unwavering. The school's hallmark lies in its relaxed and approachable environment, fostering a sense of comfort among both students and their parents through its amiable and accessible staff members. Central to Vidya Bhavan's ethos is its distinctive blend of intellectual growth, comprehensive knowledge acquisition, the nurturing of life skills, and the cultivation of hobbies through a myriad of engaging activities.

At Vidya Bhavan, we invite children to immerse themselves in this enriching ecosystem, offering them the platform to not only contribute but also evolve into catalysts for positive change. Our institution stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, encouraging students to embody the enduring legacy of Vidya Bhavan. We strive to instill in them not just academic excellence but also a holistic development that equips them to navigate the complexities of the modern world. As we welcome new learners, we envision them as future leaders who will carry forward the values, knowledge, and spirit of Vidya Bhavan, shaping a brighter tomorrow through their education, accomplishments, and commitment to positive change.

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What Sets Us Apart

Best Education

Vidya Bhavan Public School is renowned for its exceptional education facilities, offering a holistic learning environment that nurtures students’ academic, cultural, and personal growth. The school boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, and advanced laboratories that promote experiential learning. Its dedicated faculty comprises highly qualified educators who employ innovative teaching methodologies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of subjects. Additionally, the school emphasizes co-curricular activities, providing ample opportunities for students to excel in sports, arts, and various extracurricular pursuits. Vidya Bhavan Public School’s commitment to excellence, coupled with its supportive and enriching atmosphere, makes it a top choice for quality education and overall development.

Global & Local

Vidya Bhavan Public School offers a blend of global and local facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its students. Globally, the school provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern classrooms equipped with technology, and access to international educational resources. Alongside these global standards, the school also emphasizes local culture and traditions, integrating them into the curriculum and extracurricular activities. Students benefit from a holistic educational experience that combines global perspectives with an appreciation for local values, fostering a well-rounded development that prepares them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world while staying rooted in their heritage.


Vidya Bhavan Public School prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students and staff by implementing comprehensive safety facilities. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures including CCTV surveillance across the premises to monitor activities and ensure a secure environment. Additionally, the campus is equipped with fire safety equipment and regularly conducts fire drills to prepare students and staff for emergencies. Trained personnel and staff members are vigilant and trained in first aid, ensuring prompt responses to any medical emergencies. The school fosters a safe and nurturing environment by regularly reviewing and upgrading safety protocols to maintain a secure learning atmosphere for all.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to fostering social responsibility through various initiatives and facilities. The school actively engages students in community service projects, encouraging them to volunteer and contribute to societal betterment. It promotes environmental consciousness by implementing eco-friendly practices and organizing tree plantation drives, waste management programs, and conservation awareness campaigns. Additionally, the school provides access to education for underprivileged children through scholarships, donation drives for educational materials, and collaborations with NGOs. Vidya Bhavan Public School nurtures a sense of social responsibility among its students by integrating ethical values, empathy, and a spirit of giving back to society into its curriculum and extracurricular activities.