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Art & Craft

The Art & craft activities are designed to provide optimum environment for the children to explore their creativity and develop an aesthetic sensitivity. Art classes mostly taken in Art room, motivate the students to explore the use of various types of art material as well as the interesting techniques used.


Music provides the lifeblood for the health and vitality of the whole community. Along with vocal music and intricacies of lyrics, students also learn to play various musical instruments in Music Room. Students are given a chance to perform during assemblies and celebrations which often become their hobbies.


Students are trained in rhythmic foot patterns and different body postures. Simple foot and hand movements are taught in the beginning through Aerobics, & Zumba. This is followed by specific movements of Kathak, Bharatnatyam Odissi Classical styles, Folk dances of different states of India and Western dance forms.

Learning by Doing

Creative, Scientific, Technical interests and life skills are brought together under the banner of work experience. All the teachers, avail a chance to guide and share their hobbies with the students for two consecutive periods every week. Entire school looks forward to these classes with immense joy and enthusiasm.


Regular sports activities conducted in good infrastructure, instill the importance of fitness from a very young age which adds to the overall personality of the children later. Students are exposed to Yoga, Suryanamaskar along with selected indoor, oudoor games & swimming. Pranayam & Vipassana are practised alternately after the assembly for students of class III & above.