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Principal's Message

Principal's message always presents a problem to the writer. Should it be addressed to pupils, to parents or should it present an image to those outside the school?

A wide spectrum of events,persons,personalities and reactions is available within any school community. On one hand, we can consider the proud parent who come to school to see his son or daughter presented with honour, for a special merit or laurel brought to the school and family. Whilst on other hand, there can be a parent who broken heartedly seeks advice about a teen-age child who is emotional and gets distracted at times.

The children to a large or lesser extent come under the influence of parental,societial, peer and school pressure. Children, development of your self-discipline and moral growth is the full responsibility of all of us and your parents. We both aim to give you as much of the desirable freedom as we can, but as the part of society you must realize clearly that freedom does not mean the license to do what we want, but requires responsible actions as well. I feel that sometimes we are not able to give you sufficient and definite guidelines on which to base your judgments and to set your standards.

Let we seniors, be quite definite about our standards, about what is right, what is wrong and what is just. You the students have the potential to develop into intelligent and happy social beings. Do not hesitate, by your own continued good example, to set the basis for a good future and wholesome society. You can do this by behaving as positive human beings with a noble aim in life. My message is a simple one. To all my children, I say "participate in your school's activities and use your talents to the full." Give good example-Do your best but know what your best is.